Bruxism Appliance and Sports Guards


Bruxism Appliance and Sports Guards

Bruxism appliance
Grinding or clenching of your teeth is known as bruxism. Some people may notice it at night while sleeping and other during the day due to stress or anxiety. Overtime this can cause long lasting pain in the face, headaches and occasional jaw swelling or pain. Grinding and clenching your teeth can also cause teeth to wear away and increase tooth sensitivity and sometimes fracture teeth or fillings.
Your dentist can assess your teeth and symptoms and fabricate a bruxism appliance that can be worn on either your upper or lower teeth at night. This appliance keeps your jaw in a more relaxed position and prevents wear of your natural teeth.

Sports Guard

A sportsguard or mouthguard should be worn when engaging in any activities involving risk of head contact with equipment or other players. We recommend it for anyone engaging in basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, football, skateboarding and gymnastics to prevent mouth related injuries.

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